The captain opened his eyes slowly. He was drenched in cold sweat. The old pirate watched his youngest son tending to the other sick men below deck. He observed him with confusion. He only now realized that his son was the only one not affected by the sickness that had struck the entire crew days earlier. They were all supposed to be dead by now. He had seen the monsters at the horizon. He never believed the stories of the goddess Hydra and her descendants but now had witnessed them in the flesh.

Had his youngest and weakest son defeated them? How? It was impossible.

His son saw that his father had been awake and staring at him. He went over and put his hand on his father’s blistering forehead.

“Son, I…I had never been afraid before. They were there right?” the old man stammered.

“Yes Father, they were. But they’re gone now.” The son replied calmly.

“But how is this possible? You must have tricked them.”

The son looked at his father and saw the bewilderment in his eyes and knew he would not understand him, at least not yet. He smiled like he always used to and whispered, “I did not trick them Father. But don’t worry I will tell you some day but not now. Just rest and get well.” The young boy stood up and returned to deck. The Captain watched as the Kidpirate ascended through the hatch. He could see a glimpse of the sunset. It appeared to have strange color he had never seen before.