Speaker information

General information

Arrival at the location

Please be there 1.5 hours before your talk so we can get you settled in, check your gear. It’s always nice to feel the atmosphere and talk to some people of the audience beforehand.


You must use your own laptop to present. Be sure to bring your adapters needed to connect to HDMI.


Headset, hand-held or table microphone. We asked you in an email, what kind of microphone you want. If you didn’t tell us your preference, write Ferdinand a mail ().

Speaking time

Maximum 35 minutes. After that time we will slowly fade in some music to remind you to come to an end. If you don’t finish on time, our moderators will make you draw a conclusion and finish.

If you would like to accept questions… finish after max. 30 minutes.


The most up-to-date program can be found on our website here.

What should I bring?

  • Please bring your laptop with the presentation on it. You will connect your laptop with an HDMI cable – please bring all adapters that you might need.
  • Contrary to what I wrote in a previous mail: A PDF is preferred but not mandatory. Many of you have media-rich presentations so we found a way that you can use your own laptops.
  • If you need a device to change slides, please bring that yourself and test it beforehand.

How do I get my festival ticket?

Go to the entry of the Kursaal or Schule für Gestaltung where everybody enters the conference. Tell the team you are speaking there and they will have a list with names to check off. You will then get your festival ticket.

Can I bring a guest?

Each speaker can bring one guest along with them, who will get access to all areas of the Design Festival.




Kornhausstrasse 3, 3000 Bern (Switzerland)
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Eveline Bürgi


There will be two 90″ screens to the left and right of you, those will show your slides.


For the speakers at Kursaal we have a separate room to keep your belongings. It’s located at Bellavista 1 on the 5th floor (one floor above the conference room, where you will be speaking). The room is about 22 sqm.



Schänzlihalde 31, 3013 Bern (Switzerland)
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Roger Spindler



Here’s what we cover for you during your stay.

  • Train: 2nd class (book over the SBB app)
  • Flights: Economy, Zurich or Basel are closest to Bern. From there take the train to Bern.
  • Food and drinks: vouchers for 2 meals and 4 drinks per day from our event sponsors.

We want you to feel as our guest, so if something doesn’t work out for you, please get in touch with the expenses team:


General contact

Ferdinand Vogler



See location information.


Thomas Oehrli